Introducing WIZKIDS Learning
Technology Holiday Workshops

WIZKIDS is a social enterprise with a social mission of providing affordable STEM education to children from our communities. Our mission is as core to our success as any potential profit.

STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

We offer varied exciting STEM based Holiday workshops and AfterSchool workshops to kids not just to explore technology, but for a feel of excitement, fun and creativity as well.

We teach children ages 6 to 14 the value of technology, engineering, team work, and science through our Technology Workshops.

Maths Coaching


We also provide quality After school coaching in Mathematics, primarily to students between Year 6 and Year 13(NCEA) at reasonable fee.

We present help and guidance to students preparing for entrance tests for the police and other adult level entrance tests.

  About our Founder 


Anu is the Founder and Principal teacher. She holds Engineering in Electronics and Computers with Masters in Computer Science. She has been teaching Maths and Computer Subjects for almost 14 years and it is her greatest passion.


She works on very simple principle:

“Understanding the Basics makes the foundation strong”.

She helps students learn and understand the strategies and basics from scratch which acts as a strong foundation for their upcoming levels. She loves to nurture and encourage the students to understand the ABCs of the topics to reach the level where students feel confident to do their homework by themselves and gets successful results in every test.

She has offered many AfterSchool and Holiday Technology Workshops to students in :

  • Auckland Grammar School,

  • Auckland Intermediate School,

  • Ponsonby Primary School,

  • Howick Primary School,

  • Diocesan School,

  • YMCA centres


She has taught in varied streams such as Lego and Robotics, Educational Minecraft, Web-Designing, Apps and Movie Making, Robotics with Sphero. She loves discovering the curiosity in each of her students, especially their sparkling eyes full of sense of achievement.


Now she has decided to bring these workshops in and around West Auckland and offer affordable technology education to students. As a result, Wizkids Learning Centre came to life in Nov 2016, as a social enterprise. 

If financial hardship is an issue and you are keen to enroll your child with WIZKIDs, talk to Anu.

We’d love to hear from you!

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