Robots will be provided during the Workshop, No need to buy!

Code Jimu Robot (BYOD)


Ages: 8+ 

2 days workshop


 Jimu Robots are provided for learning!

(inclusive in the fee)



Jimu Inventor kit Robots are the interactive robotic building block system.

Programming is Poetry with JIMU Robot.

Well, Robotics can make it so interesting….




STEM learning with Robots enables kids to learn to code from a young age. In a few years, everyone will be expected to have programming skills. Robot Kits will enable your child to learn and retain basic coding skills for their future academic and real-world applications.


** Parents need not buy the kit, WIZKIDS have purchased the kits for our whizzes 😊


Have endless programming fun by building any one of 6 pre-designed animals(Elephant, Giraffe, etc..) – or build a version of Robot that no one has ever seen before. 

The Kits we are using for this workshop has over 600 interlocking, interchangeable parts to keep kids occupied throughout the day 😊



This course is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or Hire Our Device* ($10 Per Day)


* Terms and Conditions Apply