Coding Fun


Ages: 6+

2 days workshop 

Some people know Computer programming by “ones and zeros”. Well, its not about ones and zeros but is a creative process.

In the new economy, computer science isn’t an optional skill. It’s a basic skill.

Quote by Ex President Barack Obama


In present times, children need to learn how to interact with Computers,

not just expend their time on an IPAD playing games or watching YouTube videos.

This can be achieved by learning “How to Code”.

Coding is a fantastic skill that strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving skills. It’s vital in varied areas of life, from science and engineering to medicine and law. Learn to code, and the digital world is yours for the taking! We will start from Scratch and play with Python.  

Kids will learn how to program which will develop their problem solving and collaboration skills.

We will be using Scratch which is a graphics based, drag and drop, computer programming language specifically designed to introduce young minds to the world of computer programming.

Please note that the child must have own Email I'd with knowledge of the username and password. 
​Parents are welcome to join us before end of the day, to see their children's work and progress.

This course is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or Hire Our Device*

* Terms and Conditions Apply