Computer Science Without Computers


Ages: 7-13 

Jul 14 | 9am - 5pm

1 day workshop


We will teach Computer Science through games and puzzles! This will get kids engaged and having fun while learning!

Now the teacher sees the children's faces instead of the back of the computer.


How about learning how it all works in Computer's brain?? Through games and activities rather than Computer itself.

Our Lesson Plans are customised to be enjoyed by one and all. We will be combining Art, Maths, and Science to our Technology Learning to form full STEAM, updated version of STEM. Topics are varied and chosen from Binary Numbers, Image Representation, text CompressionError Detection, algorithms, Sorting Techniques, etc.

Though we are not using Computers, we encourage children to bring their Devices as we will be running our Social Gaming club in two intervals during the day to keep the entertainment running....Are you a master in ROBLOX or just started. Wanna play with buddy, or  make new friends with similar interests. Explore Roblox, or Minecraft and collaborate with your friends on creative and team projects.

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