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Kindly note, Wizkids programs with less than 8 bookings may be cancelled.  In such case, we may offer other technology course for your child to attend as an alternative, or refund your money in full. We will inform the Parents at earliest to the possibility. 


  • Mount Roskill/ Mount Albert : Wesley Community Centre 740 Sandringham Road Extn., Mount Roskill

  • New Lynn : 3 Memorial Drive, New Lynn Library, Auckland

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Enrollment Number
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Minecraft Inventions & Challenges | 2 Days

Week 1: Oct 1 to Oct 2, Venue: Mount Roskill, $100

Maths with Minecraft | 2 Days

Week 1: Oct 1 to Oct 2, Venue: Mount Roskill, $100

Robotic Fun | 2 Days

Week 1: Oct 3 to Oct 4, Venue: Mount Roskill, $125

Web Designing | 1 Days

Week 1: Oct 5 to Oct 5, Venue: Mount Roskill, $50

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