How are WizKids technology Workshops different?

In WIZKIDS, we teach kids using latest technology gear thus exposing them to the culture of “DIY” by experimenting/building the things themselves. Hands on experience helps kids present enhanced learning. We have customised Lesson Plans which includes lot of Practical’s to keep the young minds engaged productively.
Younger kids have an ability to learn skills quickly and cogently. Our programmes develop their logic-based thinking. Our strategy is to make them understand the procedures by following steps, like in a flow-chart.  We help them in building their confidence, so that the creative minds can come up with their own solutions. Your child will feel like playing when actually its “Learning”.


What is the Age group for WizKids Technology Workshops?

We cater two different Age groups.

Ages: 6- 12

Ages: 9- 14



Is there any Prerequisite before attending a WizKids programme?

No prior experience is required to participate in WIZKIDS programmes, except the Advanced programmes.

How can I enrol a student in a WizKids programmes?

Enrolment can be done through WIZKIDS website. Go to Booking’s Section and fill the Booking form to be submitted. Child’s place is guaranteed only when payment is received. We recommend prompt payment to save the disappointment later. 



How and When can I pay for WizKids courses?


Once we receive the booking, payment instructions will be sent to you. Currently, payments can be done via bank transfer only. Please note that the Child’s place is guaranteed only when the payment is received. We recommend prompt payment to save the disappointment later.   

Are you registered for Government subsidies?


We are not registered for OSCAR/WINZ, or other Support subsidies. Therefore, we cannot support with any subsidy claims. However, we are in the process of applying for the above mentioned.


Can students enrol in multiple courses?


Yes, they can enrol in multiple courses provided the two courses have different dates. Our varied courses are scheduled during several weeks of each term holidays. Kindly refer to our Brochure for upcoming Workshops or Home Page of the Website for more details regarding the Schedule.


What if my child is unable to attend a paid WizKids programme?

If Wizkids is notified 10 or more days prior to the commencement of the course, a full refund less a $50 administration fee will be provided. Unfortunately, we don’t provide refunds for no-shows due to fixed costs already incurred. If it is determined that a student needs to be collected early or excluded from the remainder of the course, no refund will be given.


If your child is unable to attend a course due to an unexpected illness, talk to us. We will be needing a Medical Certificate and might offer similar priced/discounted course in the future. 



I am concerned for my child’s health? What if my child has an allergy?

We assert that at the time of registration you inform us with any additional concerns/notes or health issues. You can email us at admin@wizkids.co.nz if you have any concerns.


Wizkids prohibits students to share their food but at the same time, don’t take any responsibility if they do. We won’t be able to enrol students with severe or life-threatening allergies.



What if my child needs medication during the days when course is run?

Please notify Wizkids tutor at the start of the course about this. Our tutors don’t administer any medications. The child needs to self-administer any medications, which otherwise Parents/Caregivers are welcomed to do by visiting during the sessions.


What if my child falls sick before or during a WizKids programme?

We have a policy to send the student/s to home if they are unwell or have a contagious illness, for wellbeing of all Wizkids students and staff.

Unwell students will need to be collected promptly by a parent or caregiver.

What happens after online booking of a WizKids programme?

Once we receive the online booking, payment instructions email will be sent to you with further details.

What is the schedule for the day of a programme?

Our programmes start at 9:00am and finish at 5:00pm. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks are scheduled every day. Students need to bring their own food and water bottle.

We encourage consistent breaks throughout the day so that students can get fresh air and have some fun time outdoors as well away from the Computers/devices. Our tutor will supervise the kids when the kids are allowed to play only within a selected area near the classrooms.



Do you provide food? What do the students need to bring to the Workshops?

Please send your child with a packed lunch, snacks and drinks. During the breaks, if weather permits, students will be encouraged to spend some time outdoors to have fresh air. Wizkids do not take any responsibility for the valuables brought to the venue by the students.



What software/hardware do we need in BYOD programmes?


BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), hardware and software requirements will vary from course to course and will be emailed to parents and caregivers prior to WIZKIDS courses.


For Minecraft Courses, students need to buy their own software licence, cost of which is not included in the Course.  Students must know their login credentials (user name and password).


What are the WizKids workshop timings?

All courses are from 9:00am-5:00pm. The learning sessions finishes at 3pm and the time between 3pm and 5pm is your child's free time. The tutor may have some tasks or games to keep them busy until pick up time or kids are welcomed to practise their learning. Morning tea, lunch and afternoon breaks are scheduled every day
​Our teacher will be in the Venue 8:50am onwards to setup. Please arrive promptly at 5:00pm to collect your child as the hired venue need to be locked up in time.



What happens in the event of WizKids Course Cancellation or change in Venue?

Wizkids have a hired Venue for running the Technology programmes. In the event of any unexpected situation such as power failure, students will be engaged in alternative activities and will be supervised till the Technology Workshop resumes. Unfortunately, it will not be feasible to issue the refunds due to fixed costs already incurred.

Wizkids programmes with less than 8 bookings may be cancelled.  In such case, we may offer other technology course for your child to attend as an alternative, or refund your money in full. We will inform the Parents at earliest to the possibility.