MATHs with Minecraft


Ages: 6+  

2 days workshop



As many people guess, Minecraft is just a game!


Well, it’s not true…


We will offer education to children through our Educational Lesson’s version of Minecraft. Experience the MATHs version of Minecraft.


The new adventures deal with Area, Perimeter, and Volume. Have a look and see how you can learn maths concepts using Minecraft!


Have an understanding of fractions through Minecraft challenges. Or,


Let’s practise our TIMES TABLES through MINECRAFT!


Or create a DECIMAL GARDEN!!


In this workshop, Minecraft mobs will have a challenge: they have to solve some interesting math examples to win.



  • Critical Thinking

  • Communication

  • Collaboration



This course is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) or Hire Our Device* ($10 Per Day)


Students need to have their own Minecraft account which is not included in the price of the course and can be purchased at


* Terms and Conditions Apply